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Angelic Reiki with Melina

Angelic Reiki is a powerful yet gentle form of traditional Reiki which channels the pure Divine vibration directly from the Angelic Kingdom. Originally channelled through Kevin Core by Archangel Metatron, Angelic Reiki is one of the best forms of healing as it enables a connection between the Angelic Kingdom of Light and your Soul energy, bringing about powerful healing.

Angelic Reiki helps to alleviate physical and emotional pain, and to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety by unblocking energy channels. It boosts positivity and inner healing, and promotes all-round improved health and well-being. Absolutely everyone can benefit from Angelic Reiki. It is a pure and gentle form of healing that is safe to deliver on everyone.

Angelic Reiki session - £55.00

(Please allow 1 hour for an individual appointment.)

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